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Enlarged Prostate Treatment

The three most common ways of treating an enlarged prostate (or benign prostatic hyperplasia -BPH) are medication, surgery or thermotherapy treatment.

Thermotherapy treatments have been around for more than a decade and have improved greatly over the last few years. The microwave treatments offered today are effective and are adjusted to the needs of the individual patient. This improved type of thermotherapy treatment is called CoreTherm®. It takes 10-15 minutes (when use of Schelin catheter as anaesthesia is used), it is an out-patient procedure, and the temperature of the prostate is monitored during treatment. CoreTherm® has been shown to be as effective as surgery (TURP) and has significantly fewer associated treatment risks. For US citizen please see specific information regarding treatment.

If you are troubled by your prostate and have urinary problems such as urinary urgency, residual drops following urination and find it difficult to start the urine flow, contact your doctor for a prostate examination and to discuss possible treatments.

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